Dejan Konjikovac


Dejan Konjikovac was born on January the 10th in 1995 in Vienna, where he visited school. Currently, Dejan is still living in his hometown. He discovered his love to music as a child, looking up to his idols Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) or the bosnian-serbian folk singer Nedeljko Bajić Baja. Dejan started with his professional career in 2012, when he began working with songwriter and music producer Žan Goll, who workes also for popular balkan singer like Dragana Mirković, Boban Rajović, Kemal Malovčić and many more. In the same year, Dejan started working on his first album named „Naša Priča“. At the end of 2016, he began publishing the album with releasing the singles“Evo došo sam ti” and “Otkada je otišla“. At the moment, Dejan is working on new songs.